SWEPCO Products for Floors

Whether it is a giant manufacturing plant or a small convenience store, floors represent a major investment for the property owner.
Most property owners and managers recognize the benefits of maintaining clean, safe, well maintained and attractive facilities. But others, especially when strapped by dwindling maintenance budgets, need to be educated or reminded about the undeniable benefits of a program of planned wall and floor maintenance.
Numerous studies have been conducted verify the basic principle that regular maintenance designed to correcdt normal wear and deterioration is much less expensive in the long term than neglect.
But the benefits of a sound maintenance program go well beyond reduced maintenance costs.

  • Attractive, well maintained floors can actually increase business for retail and other commercial facilities.
  • Properly maintained retail floors experience less wear, are more attractive and are easier to keep clean on a continuing basis. That reduces overall cleaning costs.
  • Well maintained floors in industrial plants improve safety records by reducing accidents.
  • Properly maintained floors also reduce damage and wear on vehicles such as fork lifts, lift trucks and carts that operate on them.
  • A rough floor can even render sophisticated equipment like air pallets unusable.
  • In warehousing and manufacturing, smooth floors can increase the speed of vehicular traffic and resulting productivity.
  • Cleaner floors are brighter floors which increase light levels and further improve productivity in manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Elimination of concrete dusting eliminates contamination of inventories and manufacturing processes.
  • Anti-skid surfaces help improve safety where slip hazards exist.

The SWEPCO Product line includes a wide range of products for patching, resurfacing, sealing and beautification of industrial, commercial and institutional floors.