Recover Roof Systems

High Performance Maintenance for Weathered Asphalt Roofs

Every roof takes a beating as it ages. Sun, rain, cold, heat, hail, wind, snow, ice, pollution, structural stresses ... all take their toll. If the roof is not maintained adequately, the waterproofing materials dry out, harden, erode and crack. When a, roof reaches this stage, water penetrates the protective flood coating of the asphalt, exposing the interior of the membrane, insulation, roof deck and building interior to water damage. Once this has occurred the building owner, more often than not, faces a costly roof tear off and replacement.

The economical way to break this costly cycle of deterioration is to protect the existing roof with a SWEPCO Polycoat Roof System before it is too late. The PolyCoat Roof System is an exceptionally strong, polyester-reinforced roof maintenance system designed to correct existing problems on smooth or rough roofs and extend the life of the original roof by protecting it from further deterioration. No other maintenance system of its type offers more strength, more protection or more value.

  • a new roof right over the old one
  • engineered from high performance roof maintenance products
  • stronger than it has to be
  • reinforced with high strength polyester
  • designed to stay strong
  • easier, less costly installation
  • cuts future maintenance costs
  • optional reflective coatings prolong roof life and cut energy costs
  • guaranteed to perform