SWEPCO Introduces New Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner with Polymer Micro Beads

SWEPCO announces a whole new solution for clean hands … SWEPCO Pro-Scrub Hand Cleaner. This is a product we have been asked to add to our line for years, but we never felt we had a product worthy of the SWEPCO brand until now.

SWEPCO Pro-Scrub is truly different:

  • It is not like waterless cleaners
  • It is not a solvent based cleaner
  • It won’t dry, irritate, burn or cause dermatitis
  • It doesn’t include harsh pumice or sharp grit ingredients
  • It won’t clog drains
  • Pro-Scrub is a detergent based cleaner
  • It is ph balanced so it won’t harm skin
  • It includes skin softeners and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ingredients that are easy on the hands
  • Soft polymer micro beads do the scrubbing

SWEPCO Pro-Scrub is packaged in cases of six 64-ounce (1.9 liter) plastic tubs. Each tub has enough product for 750 hand cleanings. Learn more here.