SWEPCO Waterproofing Systems for Roofs

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation's durable SWEPCO Waterproofing Systems provide cost-effective protection for all types of new roofs, reroofing, roof overlays and roof maintenance.

SWEPCO Products for Floors

SWEPCO has a complete line of products for renewal and maintenance of concrete flooring.

SWEPCO Products for Pavement

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation makes a complete line of coatings, sealants, patching materials and resurfacers for protection and renewal of paved surfaces.

SWEPCO Products for Walls

The SWEPCO Product Line includes cost-effective solutions for patching, sealing, resurfacing and beautification of commercial, industrial and commercial walls, both interior and exterior.

Protecting Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Property Since 1933 ...

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation is a world leader in high performance waterproofing systems and protective coatings. Since 1933 SWEPCO Brand Products have been helping our Customers by providing reliable, long-term, cost-effective waterproofing solutions for roofs, floors, walls, pavement and other surfaces. We can help you too.

Since 1933

Southwestern Petroleum Company, Inc. was founded in 1933 in Fort Worth, Texas with the simple philosophy of manufacturing the highest quality waterproofing products for the industrial,...


SWEPCO Waterproofing Systems and Protective Coatings are designed to deliver reliable, long-term, cost-effective protection for industrial, commercial and institutional property...

ISO 9001 Certified

SWEPCO Products are manufactured under a stringent ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control System that has been certified by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), the world’s foremost...

True Cost of Ownership

Many studies have shown that keeping property in good condition through periodic preventive maintenance considerably less costly than letting things wear out and then replace them. SWEPCO's...